The online home value estimate tools are not as accurate as you think. There's definitely convenience associated with finding your home's value in seconds, but there's no guarantee the figure you receive is accurate. That's just a computer's best guess of your home's value and there are so many factors that the computer can't see. 

Zillow, Redfin and many other real estate platforms provide instant automatic home valuations by taking into account public and user-submitted data, without much regards to your home's individual amenities and features. 


A real estate agent can evaluate your home accurately and give you pricing recommendations based on its unique characteristics. Is it a corner lot? Do you have a better view than your neighbor? Has the home been renovated/remodeled recently? Is your lot larger than others in your community? 

There are many factors that will determine the value of your home. A computer generated valuation is just not sufficient. Bottom line, every home is different. 



A Professional Equity Assessment Report (PEAR) is a custom evaluation of your home’s cash value. By knowing what you currently owe on your mortgage and estimating the most accurate value of your home, we can determine your home’s equity. 

This is a powerful tool to help you make confident decisions in your home selling process. 



  1. Fill out the Request Form below.
  2. I will collect all the necessary data to determine the most accurate value of your home.
  3. I will put together a seller's net sheet to give you an idea about the costs associated with selling your home.
  4. I will generate a Professional Equity Assessment Report and deliver it to you via email within 24 hours. 

There’s no cost or obligation involved. You will receive a detailed equity assessment report from a skilled professional. I am here to offer real value and service. 


Karen Ritter, Seller

"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Anca Savelio, a truly exceptional real estate agent. She has an impeccable work ethic and was professional and timely throughout the process. Anca possesses a sincere desire to strive and deliver exactly what her clients are searching for. She provided the highest quality service and was extremely well versed in the real estate industry as a whole. Can't thank you enough and feel free to use me as a reference anytime!"

Debra Repashy, Buyer/Seller

"I can't say enough positive things about Anca. I'm so lucky to have had her by my side throughout the sale of my condo. She's extremely knowledgeable, professional and experienced, and walked me through every aspect of my transaction, from prepping for the first open house, to reviewing offers, to escrow information, to close. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and she has a plan prepared for every scenario that could arise. I felt so confident in her ability to manage my sale, and protect my best interest throughout the whole process. I felt like I've also made a friend who managed to make the whole experience fun, even in stressful moments. Best Realtor I have ever worked with!"

Guliang Xia, Buyer

"Anca has helped me buy a property in Carmel Valley over the course of 6+ months. She has navigated the hot seller's market and guided me to make the right decision in every front of purchasing, from local neighborhood information, property value estimate, her view for each property we have visited, important considerations of choosing a home and a location, schools, insurance, mortgage and closing. At each step she is proactive and informational. Such a pleasant experience."

Alejandro Mendiola, Seller

"Anca was a terrific agent! She provided excellent customer service and went above and beyond to help me sell my home. Her great knowledge of the market and superior negotiation skills led me to close on my home quickly and considerably above asking price! She is a consummate professional and I  very highly recommend her!"

Immanuel Ontiveros, Buyer/Seller

"We bought one property and sold another with Anca all within two months and could not have been happier. Anca went above and beyond and explained everything to us so there were no surprises during the process. She was available every time we had questions and got us answers from the sellers within minutes. I've never worked with a Realtor who took such good care of us and was so professional. I recommend her to everyone I know personally and professionally when they are looking for an agent."

Chris Wood, Buyer/Seller

"Anca was absolutely masterful in both the sale of our condo and the purchase of our new house. We had a complicated process with out of state buyers and sellers. Through some amazing magic Anca was able to get the entire process completed in a timeframe I had been told was impossible. I would  definitely recommend Anca to anyone looking for a trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable agent."

Stacy Hawkins, Buyer

"Anca, thank you so much! Everything has gone very smoothly. We are absolutely thrilled with the house. If we buy a house in the near future, I would very much like for it to be from you."

Bogdan Deac, Buyer/Seller

"Professional, knowledgeable and a great listener, Anca found us great matches on the properties we were after. A great connector she knows to go after your interests and finds solutions where others see challenges. We have purchased 2 properties with her so far and she is the go to agent should we look for a new investment."

Denay and Alvin Rabe, Buyers/Selers

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort. We value you so much as an agent and as the great person that you are. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future."

Florin Untesu, Buyer

"I am a foreign investor and 3 years ago bought an investment property with Anca. Anca is a very professional Realtor, she was very dedicated and very helpful. She is a strong negotiator and a very good organizer. She negotiated the price with the developer and she organized all the selling process without me. It wasn't necessary to fly a few thousand miles to close escrow because Anca solved all the matters. For sure my next investment will be with Anca. I already recommended Anca to my friends and I will strongly recommend her to all foreigns who want to invest in the USA."

Ky and Phuong, Buyers

"Anca is awesome! Let me tell you a story. My wife and I have been going to open houses for 6+ months without an agent. We tried putting offers through the listing agent because we were told that was the best strategy to get the best deal. We couldn’t be more wrong! After being outbid and having  numerous bad feelings about the listing agents, we decided we needed one of our own. We went to many open houses, several which were outside of our price range. Our strategy was to look for ideas and at the same time, interview an agent we feel comfortable with, and yes there were a lot of agents we talked to. What made Anca stand out was that she is straightforward and honest and doesn’t give answers you want to hear. So we knew right away she was the right one for us. She is very knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and will go above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied and we definitely were! We were honored she was able to help me and my wife purchase our first home for our growing family. She was literally with us every step of the way, from the home inspection to being present when we signed our final documents. She is very detail oriented and honestly saved us thousands of dollars with her negotiating skills. The best part is that her helpfulness does not stop after we closed escrow. She will still answer questions and will treat you like a friend, not a client. Thanks Anca!"

Lee Lien, Seller

"Anca was very engaged from begin to finish in handing our condo sale listing. Her proactive planning and follow-ups provided comfort level through the process. She was extremely professional in communication with valuable suggestions while sharing her experience with us. Her knowledge in market  conditions and constant market updates was valuable."

Anda Bailey, Buyer/Seller

"I've had the pleasure of being referred to Ms. Savelio when I needed to sell my condo. I needed someone who could handle the transaction without any hand-holding and who I could trust to represent my best interest. I am beyond satisfied with Ms. Savelio's services and professionalism! She made sure  all my needs were met and everything was done with no delays and headaches. Thank you!"

Cristina Dobrin, Buyer

"Anca was extremely helpful, responsive and provided valuable advice throughout the whole process of buying our new home. Anca was excellent in coordinating all the communication and very diligent in removing all the obstacles we encountered during what it could have been a pretty stressful time.   Instead, we had all the papers done in record time with Christmas and holidays in between. Thanks Anca for all that hard work and endless patience!"

Jessica Brittsan, Seller

"Anca is a very dependable and excellent agent. She strives to make sure that all people are on board throughout the transaction so that it closes in a timely and efficient manner. I am an agent and represented the sell of my home with Anca representing the buyer. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with Anca and appreciate the fact of her mindfulness. Anca is a Top Notch Agent!"